2019 Crew Poker Hand

Why not improve your chances for the bounty and provide additional support for the children? Purchase an extra hand for only $60.00 and improve your chances at the Grand Prize. There will be prizes awarded for First, Second, and Third Place hands as well. So don't delay, purchase those extra hands for you or your crew today when you register here. 

Each extra hand includes:

1. One Event Poker Hand
3. One Lanier Islands Full Beach access lanyard, good for Thursday, Friday and Saturday
4. One admission to the "Cheeseburger on Paradise Beach Bash" lunch on July 19, 2019
5. One admission to the HUGE Captains party on July 19, 2018, with a food and drink ticket
6. One admissions to the after event party at Margaritaville on July 20, 2018

Note-you must be on a registered boat to obtain extra hands. You cannot obtain hands without entering a boat or by riding on a registered boat.

If you will be on someone else's boat please enter the Boat name or Boat Captain's name so we can put your tickets in the correct package. Thanks!

Price: $60.00