Make a Tax Deductible Charitable Donation to the Lanier Partners, and know that you have done your part to help the children of North Georgia

Buy several of these, every $ helps the children!!!!!

A donation to Lanier Partners of North Georgia, Inc., is a significant investment in helping children's lives in multiple ways. Your generous donation can also be considered a financial benefit to you come tax time.

Here are some considerations to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your generous donation:

Keep records of your donations, including any receipts from PayPal or letters from Lanier Partners of North Georgia Inc., acknowledging receipt of your donation.
For any other questions or considerations, please consult with your professional financial partner, or your tax advisor.
Begin putting your donations to work today improving the lives of children in their time of need.
With sincere appreciation, thank you in advance for your kindness, consideration, and most importantly your thoughtful and generous donation to the children.

If you would prefer not to enter on-line please send us a email and we will arrange for you to make your donation.


With gratitude,

Lanier Partners of North Georgia, Inc.


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