How we came to be

It all started in 2008 with an idea. A group of guys wanted to do something to raise money to help kids in need. Other groups were doing motorcycle poker runs, so why not do a boat poker run?

And so it all began...

The First Pirates of Lanier Poker Run took place in the late summer of 2008. Working with an organization named "Silent Partners for the Kids", the first event was put together. Based on the first event's success, the second event took place and the poker run started to take off.

In 2010, the decision was made to form a formal charity. Lanier Partners of North Georgia, Inc. was formed with the Georgia Secretary of State and the filings for a 501(c)(3) were filed with the Internal Revenue.

Since those early days, the Pirates of Lanier Charity Poker Run has taken many turns and gone through many changes. So has the organization behind the event. There have been many changes to our Board as well as changes to the Poker Run. We learned from our experiences, and we adapted.

In 2016, we decided to expand our events to include The Parade of Boats. An event that had been previously run by The University Yacht Club, Lanier Partners saw the opportunity to help more children. And so, our second event was born.

Today, Lanier Partners of North Georgia, Inc. helps hundreds of children each year. We hold on to our original idea of raising money for children with cancer & disabilities, and children that are underprivileged.

We rely donations and sponsorships from local businesses as well as the participation and support from the local boating community. None of our board members or volunteers receives any renumeration of any kind for their help.